5 Best UI Themes for Android App Development.

5 Best UI Themes for Android App Development.

It is stated once for the best use of something and to reap all its benefits an individual has to put labour into getting the work fulfilled. So, it is owned by a good robot UI designer, and skilled is a need to use high-quality finish. There are plenty of forms individuals can find connected to the internet you can request all along the process, but they do malfunction similarly. Before you select that to use, you endure a delay to examine their pros and cons to form a more cognizant choice. To form the highest-in-rank robot UI design in android app development, you need to take a tool accompanying the highest rank and a convenient face to help you complete the task fast. 

Android UI is such a design that end users get familiar with all the elements of working in a particular way. Therefore, one must be consistent, resilient and predictable as one makes choices and the layout. By doing this, one enjoys efficiency and effectively yields satisfaction.


What is a dark theme in an android? 

In an android app development, Dark theme is prominently used by numerous people all across the globe. It is a system where the entire screen darks and makes it user-friendly as it reduces the exposure to blue light and ensures screen safety. Supporting the dark theme in an android too requires a systematic update. So, the benefits of a dark theme system in an android are:- 


  • The dark theme can weaken the capacity of custom by a significant amount which is contingent upon the design’s screen science.
  • Improves the perceptibility for consumers or audiences accompanying low concept and those the one are alert to brilliant light.
  • Makes it a smoother process for anyone to use a tool in reduced-light surroundings.
  • The dark idea tool applies to two together the Android whole UI and apps running on the scheme.

To enable the dark theme in an android app development ,one must alert using the updated version of android. 


  • Utilise the system setting like click on the Settings button and then tapping on the display and next Theme to allow a Dark theme on the device.
  • Next, use the Quick Settings slab to switch ideas from the announcement platter which is already authorised
  • Especially on Android devices, selecting the Battery Saver trend allows Dark mode which happens at about the same time. Other OEMs grant permission.


The best themes for an android. 

Nowadays everyone with a single click of touch the entire world can come together and almost everybody in this generation is dependent on their mobile phone like never before. Is it just the device anymore? , the answer is absolutely no, after the keypad mobiles were replaced with screen touch smartphones people are exposed to many facilities which are like an accessory. Just like anyone loves to decorate it either from the outside or inside, the same way they like to decorate their mobiles too. Therefore, it is obvious that when it comes to internal decoration, everyone becomes selective about themes.In android app development it is certainly true that everyone has some taste in good themes.


The themes can help you change the entire operating system style, such as the home screen, keyboard, icons, fonts, menu, and many more. The look of each theme is different and varies from mobile to mobile. 


Here are the themes used by many:- 


(1)Flower theme-

White, pink, red, and lavender flower Theme is considered to be the most appealing and comforting mixture of silver, grey, lavender hue, and reddish mixture. Most of the design is brightly hued, accompanied by a shade of dusty shades. This clean flower theme idea is specifically for people who love flowers. . It also suggests a pure silver flower lock screen on a natural line with material.


(2) Galaxy-themed screen-

People who are interested in aeronautical stuff are the ones that upload the Galaxy Space Launcher Theme which offers singular scope and nebula graphics.Although people have good taste in themes like galaxy-themed screens. If anyone is enthusiastic about outer space and room, this is the ultimate load theme. This delightful launcher idea has an HD world line with material and personalised image packs. The holographic look with a vulgar effect makes it prominent from the rest of the apps.


(3)Butterfly launch theme-

The butterfly launcher theme too used by many and like few rich connections on the Android phone, then an individual can support the Butterfly Launcher Theme. This request is a thought-out individual of best choice ideas for Android due to its appealing and cool appearance. If you love to worry, you can use them cause you will visualise that all your icons will change to butterfly shapes as quickly as you establish them.


(4)Scary wallpaper theme-

If you are a great fan of Joker before you must load the frightening wallpaper fear launcher on your android device. You can use frightening wallpapers and education to present your phone with a frightening and frightening look. You will find complete terrifying wallpapers in four classifications that you can use following your aura. This launcher will present your phone with a fear-cinema look with any clicks. The cinematic vibes it creates in mobile if opened late at night will send chills to the spines!


(5)3D wallpaper theme-

A 3-dimensional theme gives an android mobile a realistic aura and this theme was launched in the year 2021. Theme Version 3D offers new and cool 3D themes. If you are annoyed with the traditional home screen and idea, you can try this. It will entirely mould the look of your phone with superior drawings, wallpapers, and images. The app is revised automatically to specify a new customization appearance to its users. 


(6)Red love-themed wallpaper-

Who doesn’t love the colour red? The red heart love theme comes with excellent features of a theme could ever have. This app creates innumerable love-sign wallpapers and pink upbringing, and different visual parts to create your phone more charming. With this use, you can custom-make wallpaper, icon design, and more. It will be a righteous conclusion if you log in to it.


(7) Emoji-

Themed wallpaper which is adorable and cute- In everyday messaging systems, people use various emojis daily. Emojis do create realistic facial effects that enable a person’s identity. For people who are fond of emojis, this emoji-themed wallpaper is for them. Excellent Emoji Launcher Theme is a high-quality Android Launcher on our list. It is an emoji launcher that will make you fascinated by the application. The best thing about this launcher is that all your images appear as emojis on your screen. Every use on your phone may curve into an elegant and various emoji, and this launcher is all about satisfied faces.


The distinction between theme and style in android.

People often get confused with the theme and style of an android app development mobile. There is a thin bottom line between style and theme. They both have one similarity in that they can be available in abundance.  The app design in an android can be separated from the UI structure with style and theme.


A style is a group of attributes that designate the presence of a sole View. A style can designate attributes in the way that source colour, source capacity, environment colour, and much more. A theme is a group of attributes that are used to a whole app, venture, or view hierarchy—not just an individual view. When you ask for an idea, each view in the app or action applies each of the idea’s attributes that it supports. Themes can further ask styles to non-view parts, in the way that the rank bar and bay qualification.


Themes and styles have many similarities, but among them are used for different purposes. Themes and styles have the unchanging elementary building that includes a key-profit pair that maps attribute to money. A style designates attributes for the type of view. For example, individual style power designates a fastener’s attributes. Every attribute you designate in a style is an attribute you manage a set in a file. By extricating all the attributes of a style, it’s handy and asserts them across diversified gadgets.


Styles and themes are signified to work closely associated accompanying each one together. For instance,  an individual might have a style that designates the one a fastener considers to be of colour particularised, and another part should be of various colour facets. The real definitions of those colours are given in the theme. When the design participates at midnight, the app can switch from an allure light theme to an enchantment decent dark theme, changing the principles for all those support names.


5 Best UI Themes for Android App Development.

  1. Flutter Android Framework- Among all reasons do we analyse utilising Flutter? As it is a new structure concerning business but has engaged a place for its name in Google Ads. It is thought-out to have a free wide beginning movable UI SDK foundation constructed and it was grown by Google for construction uses in various approaches distinguished to added Android app foundations. It facilitates the multi-program growth process to discipline wonderful native interfaces on Android and iOS rapidly. Flutter is written in the Dart accent in an android app development and everything accompanying existent law to help builders in movable apps happening.
  2. Xamarin Framework- Xamarin is also one of the popular mobile UI theme systems which are based on a vernacular framework to support the development and enhancement of mobile facilities with its uniquely designed launch system.  It is an open-source platform for building and crafting modern and performant applications for both IOS and Android and other applications including Windows. In a recent survey that took place with the very famous React Native, Xamarin has ranked among the  10th most popular platform application development framework and the 17th most loved framework. Xamarin has excellent features that provide a  friendly development environmental system with an absolute proper layer that manages and enhances communication of shared code with underlying platform code.
  3. Iconics Android framework- This iconic android framework is popularly used by the majority of the population. This ionic growth framework is arranged for builders to build associations of differing evolving mobile apps and programs. If an individual is usually accompanying web growth, the structure of an Ionic app is accordingly straightforward. Its rich and complete set of parts, gestures, animations, and operating system finishes allows you to cultivate high-quality movable, personal computer, and Progressive Web Apps from a sole codebase. So, who are the specific users of the Iconic android framework? Most of the users are startup oriented and they are based in the business world. 
  4. Jquery Mobile – The users will be an absolute surprise if they get to know the enchanting uses of jQuery Mobile which has caught anyone who used it carpeted and rooted. As an HTML5-based cross-manifesto happening foundation, jQuery Mobile specifies developers accompanying individuals of smooth habits to develop two together travelling in addition to web uses. The Query Mobile framework takes the record less and does more chanting to the next level. This way, you can note your rule once, and it will accomplish it on nearly one of the necessary platforms even though you are constructing apps on Windows Phones, Symbian and Blackberry, Nokia and many more.
  5. Appcelerator Titanium Android Framework- Appcelerator Titanium SDK is more individual of the most well-known cross-platform travelling incident resolutions in use currently. Like the rest we have looked at, it is a free and open-beginning-use growth platform that admits builders to design native apps utilising web electronics in the way that HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are outside bearing to see Java or Objective-C.  The floor uses JavaScript to find native law so that it performs well. With Titanium providing the entirety you need to form excellent, native travelling apps from a distinct JavaScript code base is an ideal choice for travelling builders. Using it gives the alike conduct as when applications are inscribed utilising native APIs but the benefit is that it is excellent-fast. 



  1. Do all the themes available online be used on an android mobile? 

Every style and theme available online can be used by everyone all across the globe. 


      2.Is there any difference between style and theme? 


Style and theme are two distinct identities and can differ from each other. They might work together but the difference can be huge.


      3.what are the popular android frameworks? 


In an android app development the popular android frameworks are as follows:- Nativescript, react native, iconic android framework, xamarin, etc

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